Christine Breese – Small Biography!

Born on June 6, 1965, Christine Breese is an author, meditation teacher and lecturer. She is also best known as a founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, an online university providing degrees in metaphysics and also metaphysical subjects that include higher consciousness, meditation and self-realization. She is also a founder of University Church of Metaphysics 501, Starlight Mountain Farm and Retreat Center and Starlight Journal.

She was raised in Pennsylvania, USA with her younger sister. She is then lived in several places as her family fully moved every few years. Upon her graduation of high school, she grabbed an opportunity in performing rock and roll music, playing guitar in her band.

As far as her college life is concerned, Christine Breese attended Full Sail Ceter for the Recording Arts in Winter Park, Florida and also earned two degrees – First in Audio Engineering and the second in Video and Film Production.

When it comes to her professional career, she directed and produced Spirit Talk several guests in a fully beautiful flower garden discussing some spiritual subjects. Besides, she also shot more than 24 episodes and also aspiring to shoot 100 episodes in total. Before she planned several independent film scripts centered on some spiritual stories and also an important documentary series.


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