Unconditional Love, Be The Source Of Love, Christine Breese Breeze

Christine Breese says: Unconditional Love is a product of consciousness and a trait of a master. Unconditional love sometimes has to be done at a distance if the person is difficult to deal with or is harmful, but if you stand back and look from the perspective of eternal consciousness, you find that all of us are one and even those who misbehave are to be loved as parts of ourselves, still growing, eternal self still learning in the world of cause and effect. 

Don’t look to others to have unconditional love for you, not everyone is capable. YOU be the first to be the source of love, you be the bigger person, and look to your heart to see what is the best thing to do in any given situation. Unconditional love is loving others even if they don’t love us back, loving others even if they aren’t acting enlightened, loving others at any given point in their spiritual (or not so spiritual) path. – Christine Breese

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